7 Reasons You Need Translation Management Software

The following is a guest blog by Advanced International Translations, which has recently partnered with CTA to provide members with a discount on its products Translation Office 3000, Projetex and AnyCount. To claim your discount, please contact gro.bew-atc@retsambew.

AIT offers a discount for CTA members

Translation management software (TMS) helps thousands of translators and translation agencies to perform administrative and accounting tasks accurately and efficiently. Using it, you can eliminate manual operations and save time to get a more profitable business. This type of software is continuing to evolve and develop, adjusting to the demands of the translation market. One such product is Translation Office 3000, designed especially for freelance translators. Over 5000 translators worldwide can confirm the benefits they get from using this software. However, if their testimonials are not enough, here are 7 more reasons why you should use translation management software.

  1. To keep information about prospects and clients in one place.

Every client matters for a small business. Do not rely on your memory—just add the relevant information into the program’s built-in database and update contacts and business information regularly. Use the software to analyze customers’ needs and requirements, keep a history of quotes and jobs already performed, and analyze payments and clients’ reliability. Such categorized and easily accessed information is vital for making the right decisions, quoting the best prices and winning new jobs.

  1. To prepare comprehensive documents for clients.

Clients prefer to work with freelance experts who issue consistent and accurate quotes and invoices. They want to see a price per unit, with all the markups, discounts, and taxes applied. Be on your client’s side—use TMS to provide professionally-looking documents quickly and increase your chances for long-lasting cooperation.

  1. To estimate job volumes.

The profit made by a translator depends on every character they produce. Provide credible estimates for your clients with the counting possibilities of translation management software. TO3000 has a built-in tool, AnyCount, which covers 37 file formats, including advanced PDF and ZIP formats. This program counts the words in the body of a document and any challenging parts, such as comments, headers, footers, and hidden text. Your Asian clients won’t be left out, since it can count Japanese and Chinese characters, and Korean words.

  1. To manage your workflow and meet tight deadlines.

To remain profitable when you have multiple simultaneous projects, you need good time management skills. TMS will help you prioritize and follow translation jobs by setting statuses. Use it to analyze current and overdue jobs and set achievable deadlines. Reject tasks you cannot do on time and search for new projects if you predict you will have idle time.

  1. To get timely payments.

Help your clients by keeping their documents and payments in order and monitoring the status of their invoices and jobs. TMS allows you to set consistent payment terms with your clients and helps you bill the right amount according to these agreements. Keep track of completed, uninvoiced jobs and don’t miss sending out a bill. The program allows you to monitor pending and overdue invoices, and you can remind clients of your fees.

  1. To organize work-related files.

By keeping their files organized, translators can increase their efficiency, avoid duplication, and find information quickly. TMS automatically sorts workflow files and documents for translation tasks into separate client-related folders. Concentrate on your immediate translation tasks, while the program arranges your working files for you.

  1. To analyze the health of your business.

A thorough analysis of your business will allow you to make sound decisions. You will be able to choose the most profitable work, accept offers from loyal clients, and set priorities. With translation management software, you can create productivity and financial performance reports and check profit and loss. By finding trends and applying this knowledge, you will enhance your business operations.

With translation management software, you won’t need to chase your clients for payments and you won’t waste time on administrative and accounting tasks. Ultimately, you can focus on what is most important—translation and business development.


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  • Translation Office 3000 lessens the workload for freelance translators by helping them interact with clients and prospects. It handles accounting tasks, arranges resources, and helps them to meet their deadlines.
  • Projetex is a translation project management system designed for translation agencies. It helps them manage freelance and in-house experts, simplifies accounting, and manages priorities.
  • AnyCount is a word count tool that counts the words in documents in any of 37 different file formats.


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