Honorary Awards and Distinguished Service Awards

The Colorado Interpreters & Translators Association is proud to present Honorary Awards and Distinguished Service Awards to its members. The Awards are given at the discretion of the Board of Directors, and are not necessarily awarded every year. The Awards are usually presented as part of the CITA Annual Conference.

Honorary Awards

The Honorary Award is given to senior members and represents outstanding service, remarkable contributions, and dedication in upholding the high standards of the Colorado Interpreters & Translators Association. The award includes a life membership of the Colorado Interpreters & Translators Association.

Virginia Fox


Virginia Fox was presented with an Honorary Award for her long-standing service to CTA

Virginia has been a member of the Colorado Interpreters & Translators Association (previously CTA) for 29 years and served as CTA president for 6 years in the early days of the association. She was instrumental in keeping CTA alive at a time when its future was on the brink, without having the benefit of the Internet or email lists to keep members engaged. She also served as administrator of the French Language Division of the American Translators Association for two years, recruiting distinguished speakers and organizing the events for that division during the ATA Annual Conferences held in New York City (2009) and in Denver (2010). With her vast experience, Virginia is always a good resource to consult for expert advice in the translation field.


Karen Williams


Karen Williams’ CTA honorary member certificate reads “Board Member, Mentor, Friend,” in recognition of the many roles she has held in our association over the years. Karen has been a member of CTA for over 15 years, serving as Vice President for three terms and Secretary for one term, chairing multiple Election Committees and serving as an informal mentor to beginning and experienced translators alike. Past CTA officers have referred to Karen as their “essential voice of wisdom,” and have counted on her 30+ years of experience in the translation industry to guide CTA into the 21st century. Karen is also well-known to CTA members as the organizer of the icebreaker games at many of our holiday parties and other social events.

Hélène des Rosiers


Hélène des Rosiers has been a cornerstone of the CITA/CTA community from the early days. Her varied roles have included serving as Vice President for two terms, Treasurer for 6 years, and Certification Coordinator since the early nineties. She contributed to the organization of many professional and social events such as the international potluck and several annual and regional dinners and educational sessions. Hélène’s commitment to high standards for the translation profession is evident in her longtime involvement with the ATA certification program, for which she served as an English to French exam grader for six years, in addition to coordinating and proctoring CTA’s twice-yearly exam sittings, in Boulder and Denver. She was one of the pioneers of the ATA French Language Division and founded and edited its newsletter .

During her years as a CTA and ATA member, Hélène has become known to many members not just as a colleague and as Colorado’s “Québec connection,” but as a trusted advisor and mentor on all things translation-related.

Jane Maier

Jane Maier has been with CTA since the beginning; she is not only a founding member of our association, but was also a founder and President of CTA’s predecessor, the Inter-Mountain Chapter of ATA (ICATA), and organized the first ICATA annual conference that took place in Denver. Since CTA’s inception, Jane has worn nearly every hat in the association, serving as President, Vice-President, World Trade Center Liaison, newsletter editor and ATA exam proctor. She is ATA-certified in three language combinations, Spanish-English, French-English and English-Spanish. In the larger translation community, Jane has been an ATA Spanish to English certification exam grader since the 1990s and is currently serving her third term on the ATA Board of Directors, after serving two terms in the late 80s and early 90s. In addition to her many official accomplishments, CTA members know Jane as a colleague who represents the best of our profession; whether she’s offering advice to freelancers who are just starting out, helping colleagues with decades of experience to stay current, hosting a memorial gathering for a beloved colleague or pitching in to help with whatever projects need a wise and steady hand.

Distinguished Service Awards

The Distinguished Service Award is given for exceptional service to the Colorado Interpreters & Translators Association.

Eve Lindemuth Bodeux. Eve is the recipient of the 2015 Distinguished Service Award. She has been a CTA member since the 1990s and brought CTA into the online age by launching the association listserve–a very big deal at the time! After more than 10 years as the listserve manager, Eve then moved on to serve two terms as CTA Vice President, during which time she spearheaded CTA’s role as the local host association when the American Translators Association’s annual conference came to Denver in 2010. In this capacity, Eve built a website of insider tips–everything from how to use the 16th Street Mall Ride, to where to eat dinner, to where to get a great manicure–and the ATA leadership subsequently commented that CTA had “raised the bar” for local associations’ participation in the conference. Eve later went on to serve as Administrator of the ATA French Language Division and currently is serving on the ATA Board of Directors (through 2021), but remains a great support to CTA’s activities. Her energy and enthusiasm for all things translation-related are a tremendous asset to CTA!

Kathy DiCenzo


Kathy was first asked to serve as CTA president in 2002 after taking initiative and organizing events. She subsequently served for over 11 years on the CTA Board, including two terms as CTA president. She left her most recent Board position as secretary in early 2013, but continues to be involved in the association, helping out whenever there is a need.

Corinne McKay



Corinne McKay

Corinne served as CTA president from 2008 to 2012 and was elected to a three-year term on the Board of the American Translators Association in 2012. Together with Eve Bodeux, Corinne revived the tradition of CTA annual conferences in 2011. The two of them also coordinated CTA’s role as the host association for the Denver ATA conference in 2010. Corinne can always be counted on as a resource for translators of all levels and has shared her knowledge with her colleagues in numerous presentations for both CTA and ATA.