A Celebration, a See You Soon, and a Happy Birthday!

by Thaïs Lips                                                                                                                                              CTA President


We are all to celebrate our day today and congratulate one another for this wonderful and culturally rich profession that we have. CTA will be holding five happy hours in five strategic points of Colorado: Denver DTC, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins and Western Slope. If you haven’t made up your mind about that, please visit:                                                                                                                                  https://citacolorado.org/events/meetup-boulder-networking-happy-hour/    and / or    https://www.facebook.com/events/509639905805869/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming.

Our Translator’s Day is celebrated in the day of the patron of translators, St. Jerome, Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymusa, who was a priest, theologian, librarian, and a Doctor of the Church. He revised the Latin Bible to agree with the Greek manuscripts of the New Testament, which resulted in the Latin Vulgate Bible, the Catholic Version of the Bible. Later, he spent over 30 years translating the Old Testament from Hebrew. It looks like he didn’t use Trados, memoQ, Wordfast, or electronic dictionaries and would have passed the ATA exam. 🙂

SEE YOU SOON KAREN WILLIAMS!                                                                                                            by Eve Lindemuth Bodeux

Lucky for the rest of us, Karen Williams has been a backbone of the translation community in Colorado for years. A sought-after German to English translator, she served on the CTA Board for terms too-many-to-count and has continued over the years to make sure we are all entertained at association social gatherings with her clever party games and icebreakers. Karen is originally from New Mexico and graduated with a Master’s degree from the Monterey Institute of International Studies’ translation program. She has lived in Colorado for decades and, while she will eventually come back to us, she has been offered an opportunity that is truly too good to pass up. She is packing her bags for a year abroad at the request of a very satisfied client who has enticed her to come stay for a year to work at their German offices, providing them with her brand of high-level, compelling pharmaceutical texts. (Yes, she’s that good!) While we will miss Karen, we are excited for her new adventure and looking forward to dispatches from abroad. And, of course, it’s not goodbye forever, it’s just “bis bald”— see you soon!


While we don’t have a birthday database (yet) to congratulate each and every CTA member, we congratulate Corinne, who we choose to represent all birthdays of our membership,  because besides being a very active translator in the community, writer, blogger, presenter and CTA former president, she was blessed by being born on St. Jerome’s Day. Happy Birthday, Corinne!