Colorado Interpreters & Translators Association on Google+

By Marion Rhodes
CTA Social Media Coordinator

Over the past year and a half, the Colorado Interpreters & Translators Association has significantly increased its social media presence. This week, we added one more player to the game: CTA can now also be found on Google+.


The CTA Board had long debated whether or not to add one more social media page to the mix. After all, we are already on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, recent changes to Facebook’s policy for fan pages, as well as some inspiration from a recent interview with Olga Arakelyan about Google+ for translators (part of Tess Whitty’s wonderful Marketing Tips for Translators podcast series), finally provided the impetus for creating our own CTA Google+ page.

We will be using this page to share information about CTA and upcoming events, as well as tips and tricks, interesting articles, interviews etc. about the translation industry. The CTA Google+ page will not replace any of our other communication channels; moreover, it will be an additional way for us to reach fellow translators as well as potential translation clients who may prefer Google over others social media channels.

You may find CTA’s Google+ page here. Please stop by and say hi. We are looking forward to connecting with you!