CTA Annual Dinner

By President Thaïs Lips.


Before talking about our great networking event of the year, the CTA Annual Dinner on this January 23, 2016, the Board wants to thank for all the Holidays wishes on the email list and on Facebook, with special mention to Corinne’s nice Christmas message that we appreciated immensely. It reflects the spirit of CTA. Thank you!

I have been in a place with intermittent Internet access, a lovely beach in northeastern Brazil, and was not able to write earlier. I am still limited in how I use the Internet, but couldn’t miss starting the year without wishing you all a great 2016 full of accomplishments in your private and professional lives, and participation in what CITA is planning for you in 2016.

I feel like I am having the best of two worlds: it’s 80 F here, and I’ve been partying and enjoying my family and old friends. Then, on January 20, I’ll fly back to the snowed Rocky Mountains right on time to attend our CTA Annual Dinner at Maggiano’s, and enjoy the company of many of you, our CTA family.

It is our tradition for CTA to sponsor part of the event, therefore, the CTA Annual Dinner is a member-only networking event where the member’s families and friends are also welcome. We have carefully selected the venue and the menu, and expect to attract many old members and new ones as well.

This year, we will have a very special attraction at our CTA Annual Dinner: Corinne McKay, former CTA president, current ATA president-elect, will entertain us with lute interludes during cocktail hour!

Do you need more reasons to attend the CTA Annual Dinner?

Read what the other Board members have to say:

Vice President Marion Rhodes

I don’t make the drive from Colorado Springs to Denver very often, but the CTA Annual Dinner is worth the trip. I enjoy meeting my colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere, and even though we inevitably end up talking about translation, our work does not overshadow the event. It’s a nice opportunity to get to know the persons behind the translators. Plus, this year, I am really looking forward to hearing Corinne McKay’s lute playing skills for myself!

Secretary and Event Planner Rachel Sinn

This is the event that I feel encourages the most relaxed and friendly networking. Everyone has post-holiday euphoria, everyone is excited about their plans for the new year, and then we all get together for a great dinner and talk it all over. Some of the connections I’ve made at other events have really been solidified at the CTA Annual Dinner, simply because of the atmosphere and the overall mood of the event.

Treasurer and Webmaster Mery Molenaar

Why do I like to go to the CTA Annual Dinner? Because it is one of the few opportunities for me to dress up. As a freelancer, I rarely need to leave my home to go to work, and certainly don’t need to dress up. In fact, I am typing this in the comfortable clothes I quickly put on this morning to drop my kids off at school—hardly a reason to dress up for. So, while we can pretty much be casual as we want, I am thinking of that beautiful silk blouse and that still almost-new skirt collecting dust in my closet and hardly ever seeing the light of day. No, I don’t miss dressing up every day for work, but I am looking forward to putting in the extra effort for our CTA Annual Dinner.

There’s still time to register for the CTA Annual Dinner.

Visit https://citacolorado.org/events/2016-annual-cta-dinner/ to save your spot!

See you at Maggiano’s on the 23rd!

Thaïs Lips