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Saturday 14 May 2022

9:00 am

Come and hear a report on the past year and meet the new CTA Board

9:45 am

Getting the Most Out of Neural Machine Translation

Getting the Most out of Neural Machine Translation

Yuri BalashovZoom

The advent of neural machine translation has resulted in dramatic improvements in quality and changed the field forever. Some professional translators embrace these changes with enthusiasm, others less so. But everyone has to deal with them. This presentation is a survey of tools and methods allowing translators to get the most out of machine translation output and customize it to particular domains, such as oil & gas or clinical trials, using translation memories and term bases.

Presenter: Yuri Balashov

Sat 9:45 am – 11:00 am

11:00 am

No workshops in this session.

11:15 am

Mental Gym for Translators & Interpreters

Mental/Digital Gymnastics for Translators & Interpreters

Gloria RiveraZoom

Interpreters are as good as the words we have stored in our brains and how fast we can retrieve and express them. There are many ways we can learn new terms and practice our skills, but they usually include research, creating lists and glossaries, and finding reliable resources. During this presentation, I will explain how I have been using Instagram to increase my vocabulary, stay up to date with current events, and practice sight, consecutive, and even simul!

Presenter: Gloria Rivera

Sat 11:15 am – 12:30 pm
interpreters, translators

12:30 pm

Chat with colleagues and/or Board members for a few minutes after the virtual sessions are over