CITA Event Photos

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CITA 2023 Holiday Dinner Photos

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Boulder First Friday Coffee on a crisp Fall day!
International Translation Day 2021 Luncheon
2021 Members of the CTA and CAPI Boards (from left, Robert Sette, Kelley Kidd, Michael Mudd, Yuliya Fedasenka, Yvonne Páez, Miriam Villegas-Negrón, Nicolás Arízaga)
CTA Summer Picnic
Boulder First Friday Coffee
International Translation Day Fort Collins
ITD Happy Hour 2017, Fort Collins, CO
CTA student members at ATA58
Colorado Students at ATA58 in Washington, DC, October 2017
CTA 2014 Holiday Dinner
CTA 6th Annual Conference
CTA 6th Annual Conference (2016)
CTA members at World Trade Day
CTA Members at the Denver WTC's World Trade Day event