CTA Survey Reveals Interest in Social Events, Professional Development

By Marion Rhodes
CTA Social Media Coordinator

The results from the 2014 CTA Survey are in, and it looks like the Colorado Interpreters & Translators Association is on the right track.

Although only 15 CTA members participated in the survey, this small sample spanned a good cross section of our association, including new and long-time members from across the state. Most of the responses, however, came from translators in the Denver and Boulder areas, which explains a heavy focus on those areas when it comes to demand for future CTA events.

For social events, most respondents indicated a preference for Happy Hour get-togethers, which CTA has hosted on several occasions in the past. However, there was also interest in other informal meetings such as visits to museums, concerts or plays, a summer picnic for members and their families, or a CTA skiing day. Generally, the responding members expressed interest in a variety of opportunities to meet their fellow translators, showing the value members place on collegial networking and relationships.

The respondents also expressed interest in professional development opportunities, esp. seminars on weeknights or Saturdays, as well as business presentations about issues that may not be directly related to translation but useful for freelancers.

The survey also asked members about their preferences for receiving communications from CTA, apart from the official CTA email list that is used for official announcements. Not surprisingly, the CTA email discussion list ranked highest as the oldest and most established communication channel between CTA members. The closed CTA Facebook group came in second place, and CTA’s official, public Facebook page ranked in third place. These results are in line with the way CTA has been using these channels to communicate with its members over the past year. Apparently, we’re doing things right!

The survey results will be used by the CTA Board as a guideline to draft a 2014 CTA event calendar, which will be released soon.