CTA Traditional Annual Picnic Held in Lafayette

By Kate Avdeeva
CTA Treasurer

August 4, 2018

On the third Saturday of July more than twenty people, CTA members and their families, gathered to enjoy a hot day and an international potluck in the park.

Waneka Lake Park was chosen for the second time in a row for the event by the Board. The facility offers a well-equipped shelter for grilling and a comfortable sitting, beautiful big trees that offer shade, and as a bonus, the incredible lake with canoes and paddle boats for rent.

The impromptu potluck consisted of a variety of dishes: delicious veggie and fruit salads, kystyby (a Russian recipe from the Tatar region), jalapeno corn bread, banana bread, French cake, spicy pecan pasta, Spanish potato omelet, and guacamole made from scratch. That day, our VP’s husband Jim was our head chef, preparing juicy burgers and hot dogs on the grill. Chilled beverages provided by CTA and other guests accompanied the meals.

Eve Bodeux helped create even more memories by bringing her Polaroid instant camera. Everybody was happy to snag their colleagues, friends and families around the park and take photos with them.

Of course, discussions on different topics− including the translation industry, professional challenges, traveling, cooking, family activities, etc.− were heard around the table. There were translators and language experts to mingle with who are working with such languages as Spanish, French/Canadian French, Russian, Flemish, Dutch, and German.

Refreshing rain started at 4 pm, which forced the invitees to rush back to their homes. Do not miss our next CTA summer get-together!