High School Senior Jennie Rodriguez Attends CTA Conference

By Jennie Ramirez Rodriguez
CTA Student Member

August 24, 2019

Jennie RodriguezParticipating in this year’s 9th Annual CTA Conference has been no different from when I participated last year for the first time. I had a great first experience and I was able to network with a variety of different people. I was able to get questions answered I didn’t even know I had. Everyone from participants to staff were so helpful and approachable that I felt no fear asking them for help. Participating at this conference two years in a row was a complete success and I plan to keep attending it for years to come.

From the beginning of the conference with Corinne McKay’s opening to the last workshop on Sunday, I learned so much about so many different aspects of translation and interpretation. This year I especially enjoyed the workshops that were geared towards starting on your own as a freelancer. There were so many different things that helped me understand the industry along with important aspects one needs to keep in mind when dealing with any client. Learning those point of view helping me further understand what it takes to be able to give the best customer service possible and also know my worth.

Before attending this conference for the first time last year I thought I had a good understanding of the translation/interpretation industry, I came to find out that there were certain aspects that never even crossed my mind; questions about where to go for help, where to find others to answer your questions as well as learning to network and so many different tools I’m able to use out in the real world.

With this being only being my second year attending the conference, I only hope to attend it for years to come. These great lessons and people keep me wanting to come back. I thank CTA for giving me such a great experience.

Jennie Ramirez Rodriguez is a CTA student member. Jennie attended the 9th Annual CTA Conference with a sponsorship through the CTA Student Sponsorship Program.