If we want to raise awareness of our profession we have catchup work to do!

By Martina Heine-Kilic, German Translator

On March 21st, CTA was invited to participate in the German Studies Career Day at CU Boulder. It was intended to be an informal question and answer session where students could learn about careers, scholarships, German major/minor and study abroad as well as network with local businesses. Upon entering the room, students could choose the stations they wanted to visit.  Exhibitors included many organizations who offer internships and studies abroad, the German American Chamber of Commerce and CTA.

Career DayIt is always refreshing to talk to students. Surprisingly, the students did not know much about the translation industry. Many of them have a very romantic imagination of what the translation profession entails. Some of them had just finished a class of literary translation, translating the first chapter of a book from German author Ingo Schulze. Chrissy Rosa (who joined me) and I had to bring them down to reality and tell them that most of us translate for the corporate world or government organizations.

None of the students approaching our table knew about CTA, what it is and how it could help them to make a first step towards the world of translation. If we want to raise awareness of our profession we have catchup work to do! Maybe using the ATA Outreach Program and adapt it to undergraduate College students?

Thanks to Dr. Berit Jany, who organized the event and gave us a cordial welcome. Visit calendar.colorado.edu/event/german_career_event#.WrlkcIjwbIU for more information about the German Career Event at CU.

Career Day Thank You