Member Appreciation Raffle

The CITA Board is holding a Member Appreciation Raffle for all of our members. There are 2 prizes available:

Prize #1: A one-year membership to CITA, valued at $45 (or the cost of an individual membership). This will be for the 2024 calendar year. This prize is available to all current Individual and Family CITA members. 

Prize #2: A one-year individual ATA membership (valued at USD 249!) for 2023. This prize is only available to CITA members who have never been an ATA member. This prize is provided by ATA.

In order to qualify for either prize, members will have to perform steps 1-4 below (If you already fulfill items Nos. 1-3, then just fill out the form, click the check boxes, and hit “SEND” and you will be entered!)

If you are a new CITA member after the merger with CAPI, you can use your email address to sign into the website. Go to the Log-in page. If you do not know your password, click “Lost your password?” and the system will send you a password reset link. Once you have signed in, proceed through the steps below.

1. Join CITA or renew your membership for 2023. (To check whether your membership is current, sign in to the CITA website then click on Your Membership Account to confirm your expiration date).

2. Create or update your profile in the CITA member directory, including your contact information, and include a picture if you like! (Click here to create/edit your profile)

3. Sign up for our CITA listserv, by sending an email to oi.spuorg@ebircsbus+ssucsid-atic (If you are already a  subscriber, you will not receive a reply, but you are still qualified; if you are a new subscriber, you will receive confirmation once your subscription request is approved)

4. Last, fill out the form below and click “SEND” and you will be entered in the raffle drawing.

Entries must be submitted by 6 pm MT on Monday, March 6, 2023.

The drawing will be a random drawing, streamed live via Zoom, on Tuesday, March 7, 2023 at 8 pm MT and video of the drawing will be posted on CITA’s Facebook page and the website. The winner will be contacted by the CITA Board. In the event that the drawn winner is not eligible for any reason or defers the prize, a backup winner will be selected as soon as this becomes known.

Current CITA Board members are not eligible for this drawing.

Please direct any questions to gro.odarolocATIC@retsambew.

Zoom link for the live drawing (click).