Perform on a Higher Level: 2014 CTA Conference Keynote Speaker Carol Ross Will Help You Position Your Career for Success

By Marion Rhodes
CTA Social Media Coordinator

Carol Ross knows how to successfully run a business. Since starting her own consulting firm in 2003, she has specialized in career coaching, helping individuals and organizations reach the next level. As a prelude to our Conference, she gave us some insights about how she can help CTA translators reach the “Genius Zone”.


Marion Rhodes: What can our conference attendees expect to take away from your presentation and workshop?

Carol Ross: Attendees will walk away with concrete ideas on how to make themselves distinctive and compelling to prospective clients, through the art of story. They will understand the framework of a great story and learn how key components of screenwriting can be applied to their own life. They can also expect to have a greater awareness of their uniqueness.

Past attendees of this workshop report being inspired, hopeful, and motivated to improve upon how they present themselves to the outside world.

Marion Rhodes: What about translators who already have plenty of clients and years of experience – can they still benefit professionally from career coaching?

Carol Ross: I work with all sorts of professionals. The common thread is that these are people who take pride in their “craft”, who have worked hard to gain expertise in their field, and who are recognized for the value they bring to the table. I’m guessing that if you are reading this, you are one of those professionals.

A coach can help smart professionals perform at a higher level. What’s fascinating to me is that no matter how intelligent, credentialed or accomplished you are, most people get in their own way. This can look a lot of different ways, from giving attention and energy to things that are out of one’s control, to listening to the “Gremlin” voices that keep one in the status quo (e.g., “You can’t do that, because….”), to being a perfectionist. A coach is not a therapist. I don’t care much about how the things that are in your way got there. But I do care about moving those things out of your way so that you can truly shine. And I have tools for doing so.

I am often helping professionals who are in some sort of transition. It’s natural to have a career run its course, and be ready for something completely new, but not know what that is. Or maybe you’ve had your own business for years, made a decent but not great living, and are ready to notch it up a level, but aren’t sure what that looks like. Or you may be one of those people with many interests, and you feel like you are always in transition. So the change for you is to bring all your experiences together, integrated into one powerful body of work.

I’ve worked with clients that fit all of these situations. The goal is always to help the person work in their “genius zone”. This is the place where who you are, at your core, aligns with the work that you do. It’s the integration of life and work, personal and professional, in a way that allows you to be comfortable in your own skin.
The result is more power, pleasure, and profit. Who wouldn’t want that?

Read Carol’s background story.

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