Saturday Marks CTA’s Favorite Holiday: International Translation Day!

By Ulrike Anderson
CITA Membership Coordinator

A little backstory

International Translation Day is celebrated every year on the 30th of September, on the Feast of St. Jerome. St. Jerome has long been considered the patron saint of translators–as well as librarians and encyclopedists–and is widely known for translating the bible into Latin.

It was for this reason that the International Federation of Translators (FIT), which has been promoting the day since 1953, chose September 30th as their International Translation Day. They hoped to use the day to demonstrate solidarity of the worldwide translation community and promote the translation profession in different countries. Every year, FIT selects a theme for that year’s celebration; this year’s theme is Translation and Diversity.

Each culture in the world should be in control of its destiny. By promoting diversity of cultures and languages, we can hope to create a bright and colorful world, full of possibilities for learning, growing and sharing a peaceful vision for humanity based on mutual respect.


2017 marks a significant milestone for International Translation Day, as it was just this May that the UN passed a resolution declaring September 30th International Translators Day. The resolution is especially meaningful because it draws further attention to the often invisible work done by translators and interpreters across the globe.

It is in this spirit that CTA celebrates this International Translation Day.

Come celebrate with us!

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